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The Sonny Chiba Collection: Vol.2 R2 UK


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The Sonny Chiba Collection: Vol.2 R2 UK

Mensagem por siebenburgen em Seg Mar 16 2009, 15:21


Three great films from the Japanese king of hardboiled ass-kicking, Sonny Chiba!

Timeslip (aka G.I. Samurai) (1979): A Japanese Army unit is mysteriously transported 400 years back in time to the warring states period of Japanese history and ends up facing an army of Samurai warriors...

Golgo 13 (1973): Sonny Chiba stars as the underworld's no.1 hitman in this hardboiled action-packed adaptation of Japan's all-time bestselling manga...

The Bullet Train (1975): A madman (Ken Takakura) plants a bomb on one of Japan's prestigions Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and threatens to blow it up unless his demands are met. While the police try to track down the culprit, it's up to a heroic train conductor (Sonny Chiba) to find the bomb and disarm it in time...

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Timeslip GI Samurai

Golgo 13

The Bullet Train

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